Purim 2016 Bible Study

This week for Purim Rabbi Glenn discussed the experience of the Jewish people in Persia in the time of Esther and Mordecai. He went back to Exodus 17 and Deuteronomy 25 to explain why God decreed the Amalekites’ annihilation. Then he went to 1 Sam. 15 to show that King Saul’s disobedience (sparing Agag and, by inference, his family) nearly led to the destruction of the Jewish people by one of Agag’s descendants – a man named Haman. Lesson: disobedience to God now has a ripple effect and leads to bad things later.
The study also mentioned how God was moving behind the scenes in the series of “coincidences” and also saw how the Tetragrammaton is actually encrypted in Esther 4:14. There was also some time for questions and answers.