We Call On The Name Of The Lord

Adonai, like those who came before us, we call upon Your Name, declaring who You are, what You are like and what You have done!

Lord, You are the self existent One. You always existed. You never had a beginning and will never have an end. You are the eternal God who was, who is and who is to come! Although it is impossible for my limited mind to understand that, I believe it and I am in awe of You!

Adonai, You are eternal. Therefore I don’t have to die. I can live eternally with You and those whom You love and approve. My life can have eternal significance!

Lord, You are the Creator of the entire universe, including the things that are visible and invisible. You are the Source of Life and Existence for all else. You are my Creator, my Maker and my God, and I thank You!

Adonai, You are infinite. You are greater than the universe, and everything in it. There will always be an infinite gap between You, the Creator and me, Your creature. There will always be more to learn about You. I look forward to the exciting and eternal challenge of growing in my knowledge about You!

Lord, You are a person. You have mind, emotion and will. You made me a person, and so I can think, reason and know: I can experience love and wonder. I am free to exercise my will, make my own decisions, and choose to have a wonderful personal relationship with You!

Adonai, You are omnipresent. There is no place I can go where You are not there. If I could travel to the end of the universe, You would be there. If I could reduce my size to the smallest subatomic particle, even there I would find You. You will always be there for me, there to be my God, there to watch over me.

Lord, You are all powerful. You are the Mightiest One. You control all the forces in Heaven and Earth. Therefore, I have confidence that Your good will and Your wonderful plan for me, for Messiah’s Holy Community and for the universe will triumph!

Adonai, You are perfect. Nothing can be added to Your perfection. You are complete. Everything You do is done with a marvelous and incomparable perfection!

Lord, You are all knowing. Your understanding is infinite. I can always come to You for all the wisdom I will ever need. You can meet my thirst for knowledge.

Adonai, You are love. It is Your nature to love others, to enter into a loving relationship with them, to give them good things, to bless them, to elevate them. Lord, I thank You for loving me, which makes my life so rich and meaningful. Lord, I willingly choose to love You!

Lord, You are gracious. You give generously to all, even to those who don’t deserve it like me. So, I simply say, “thank You” gracious God. Thank You for Your grace, which will always be sufficient for me!

Adonai, You are merciful. You don’t always judge with the strict justice that Your sinful creatures so often deserve. I can have peace, knowing how fallible I am, how prone I am to sin, but also knowing that there is abundant forgiveness with You.

Lord, You are holy. You are infinitely pure, separate from anything that is evil. You can do no wrong. And yet, You are able to transform a sinner like me. Therefore holy God, help me to be holy, as You are holy.

Adonai, You are righteous. You will always do what is right. You will never do what is wrong, unfair or unjust. I praise You for being able to transform someone who is unrighteous, like me, into someone who is righteous. Thank You for making me righteous through the Righteous One Messiah Yeshua!

Lord, You are good. You are tender-hearted and sympathetic toward Your creatures. You are kind, benevolent and full of goodwill toward human beings. You are inclined to bestow blessedness to us. You take pleasure in the happiness of Your people. I can expect good things from You, and trust You to turn those things that appear to be bad into something that is good.

Adonai, You are immutable. You will never change. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. You were always good, righteous, fair, faithful and true, gracious and merciful, and I can rely on You to always be good, righteous, fair, faithful and true, gracious and merciful!